Posted on: February 25, 2008 10:49 am

Tiger Woods

Time to praise the most dominant athlete of his sport of all time! This man is just amazing not only in how he swings a club but also in how he carrys himself outside of the sport. You never hear of him getting in trouble or doing and saying something stupid, this guy has it all figured out and he is the total package! Now on to his golf game, the man is already the greatest of all time, I know I know Sam Snead backers might have something to say about this, but lets be rational in a bout 5 years Tiger will break the record for most wins ever by a golfer and he will be 35 years old and still in his prime! When it is all said and done he should have 120 plus wins under his belt and 20 plus major wins! That just about shatters any thought of people saying Snead is still the best. Now as for the argument that Snead did it when clubs where infearior and todays golfer benefits from technology I can not argue, but Snead and the rest of the Golfers beneefited from the courses be much easier to score on. In todays golf as technology gets better the Courses get harder, courses are forever changing there landsacape to keep up so I feel that the argument does not hold water! In closing this is one mans opinion who has nothig better to do but donate 15 minutes of his time to talk about the most Dominate force to ever play a sport!
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Posted on: January 24, 2008 5:41 pm

Super Bowl

Is this not the worst 2 weeks in sports? Waiting, sleepless nights just trying to get to that Big Sunday! I love the sports pages and love all the articles on line, but the last 7 days before the game there is nothing left! They have all done the articals on every player on the teams, recycled all old articals from the past, talked about every other Super Bowl! Aggg, its just boring! I love the fact its 2 week break when my team is in it because it gives them more rest and more time to prepare! When my team is noit in it I want it on the following Sunday! I cant wait for the game, to pray my squares hit, and watch my team be crowned the greatest of all time! When Sunday has gone its off to root for my Celtics, and prepare for the Sox Spring training!
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Posted on: January 17, 2008 12:43 pm


The current situation involving Randy Moss has become troubling to me for two reasons. 1 Many people will be quick to judge just like most did with the Sean Taylor situation which was very unfortunate, and should have given him the benefit of the doubt. The same way I fell Moss should be. 2 His press conference seemed so sincire that if he is lying he should look into getting into acting, which leads me to this. Yes I do believe Moss so what disturbs me is that the woman is bringing this charge against him, an as was reported contacted his lawyer looking for $500,000 dollars to keep quiet! So my question and concern is what happens to this woman if it comes out Moss did nothing wrong? Most likely answer is nothing. Which sends me through the roof. Not only should people be held accountable when they do something wrong, they should also be held accountable when they make false accusations against someone and then get proven to have lied! I mean we live in a world where a person spilled his own coffee on himself and got money cause it was deemed to hot! We should be able to also do the same to the people who choose to spew lies about others and never have to be held accountable. If you have listened to my Rant thanks and look foward to your opinions
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